Our next event will be the presentation of the annual RADFLY Youth Art Prize in October. We are working on the finer details and will announce shortly. We are in need of a sponsor for this event so we can increase the prize money. Any volunteers? It will be a low key, friendly affair so stay tuned for more information.


We were excited to welcome four new committee members: Anna Tooma, Kirsten Geraghty, Mona Hecke, and Martin Hefer  They bring a wealth of skills and experience to RADFLY.


Last week, YHES House lost the Benevolent Society funding for their Tuesday play group. The play group is critical to their ongoing engagement with young parents. Fortunately, YHES will be able to use the recent RADFLY donation for this program. Laurie Schapel, who is filling for Anne Ellis this year says “This highlights the importance of having some funding that isn’t tied to government outcomes but provides us with the flexibility to offer the services most needed”.

On a brighter note, on Sunday May 15, YHES House received a visit from the Honourable Shannon Fentiman, Minister for Communities, Women and Youth, Minister for Child Safety and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence (that’s a big title!!).

In the first quarter of this year YHES House supported over 600 young people. 400 were between 19 and 25 and therefore not funded under the government support and 25% were pregnant or young parents.


The team at Ohana for Youth are very excited to announce their new service, Gen Z Employment. This is a Transition to Work service funded by the Australian Government. Please visit their website and take a look. They would love it if you could share their business page!

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